my character for a dnd campaign i recently joined!! their name is barrel, they're dumb as hell and accidentally became a warlock :]

my genuine answer to a question in the workbook my psychiatrist wanted me to fill out before booking an appointment :3

a lil happy stawbr i made out of excitement for my top surgery!! i didn't decide he was trans until right before making this lmao

i wanted to make a poster for creature collective after having to make a moodboard for it as part of a class project, and i ended up working on this one in my spare time and i'm super happy with how it turned out :3c
it's heavily inspired by an artwork Sodikken made for the series they've been working on, blood and skinny hedgehog!!

The Andromeda Empire is the colloquial name of the Andromeda galaxy, as it has been fully colonised and populated and is ruled over by a single governing body known as The Andromedian Council, or simply The Council. This is where þjófi lived prior to the events of CC.

Interstellar travel is as common and accessible as public transport on Earth, meaning all kinds of species intermingle in all sorts of places. It isn’t uncommon to come across a specialisation planet; a planet used for one purpose, whether it be a market, a farm, a quarry, a residential zone, or any number of other specialties. Most stars in the galaxy also provide renewable energy to the citizens of the empire.

Miovichi mi-oh-VEE-chi was Stawbr’s home planet prior to the events of CC. It is a very Earth-like planet, and most civilisations largely resemble a futuristic version of 1930’s England.

The planet itself orbits a binary star system of two orange dwarf stars, and has two moons. Due to having two stars, seasons on Miovichi are quite sporradic, changing in irregular, often unpredictable patterns. One day each year, the planet cycles through all four major seasons in the span of the day.

Miovichian society is very homogenous on account of the connectivity almost all citizens have been afforded for decades. One primary language is spoken by all citizens, with very few surviving sub-groups of dialects. Of course, different areas of the world have their own niches and idiosyncrasies, but a lot of it is more or less the same. Much of the differences in society stem from classism, which unfortunately prevails across all of Miovichi.

Gnelmagua (nel-MAH-gwah), more commonly referred to as the Underworld, is the planet Spade lived on prior to the events of CC.

Gnelmagua is a planet without a moon or any natural satellites, and it orbits a red supergiant along with twelve other planets. The planet itself has a surface of lava and magma and is uninhabited except by a few species that have adapted to surface life, including magma fish and briar eagles. The vast population of humanoids and other creatures live in a city below the surface.

Day and night cycles are regulated artificially by the senate that rules the city, and each cycle lasts approximately 20 Earth hours resulting in 40 hour days. The city of the Underworld is comparable to modern day New York, being a mix of vibrant nightlife and busy streets, with thick yet breathable thermo-smog filling the air.

The Underworld doesn’t experience seasons or weather in the same way as most inhabited planets, in that the only weather experienced below the surface is rain-rocks and occasional lavafalls, both of which are effectively rain composed of small chunks of basalt and drops of magma repectively. Lavafalls are generally caused by the loosening of tectonic plates opening cracks in magma chambers beneath surface volcanoes. On the other hand, rain-rocks generally fall when there has been an earthquake on the surface or a particularly violent eruption of a surface volcano.

Citizens of the Underworld are highly resistant to lava and magma due to evolution, and can even eat or drink cooled magma. They’re less resistant to lava however, hence why they’re unable to live on the surface. Oftentimes if Underworld dwellers get caught in a lavafall, they’re left with scorch marks wherever they were hit, but this is generally the extent of the damage and these scorch marks go away within the same day. If they are caught in a lavafall for an extended period of time however, they will suffer anywhere from minor burns to entire sections of flesh melting off. This doesn’t affect more powerful entities (such as Spade’s father) however, as they are partially non-corporeal.

The Underworld is divided into two main sub-groups of intelligent life; dwellers and sojourners. Dwellers are the commonfolk of the Underworld, and as such most citizens are classed as dwellers. Sojourners are the more powerful entities mentioned earlier, and are often found in postions of power. For example, Spade’s father is a sojourner, and is also the ruler of the Underworld. Dwellers can become sojourners later in life, either by being granted sojourner status by an established sojourner, or by being born to a sojourner which will lead to them naturally becoming one later in life.

lil RSD vent but i was proud of how it came out so i wanted to share :3

the first in a series of drawings of planets from creature collective!!
homeworld is one of the few remaining places in the universe free from conflict. it is inhabited by a simple intelligent race who call themselves the Koriki. it is also the planet the main gang decides to live on whenever they get downtime, seeing as the koriki are apparently happy to accept anyone who won't bring them harm

a redraw of this old piece i did back in 2019! i think it's safe to say i improved lmao


phondu as a bunch of raccoon images i found on pinterest :3

i got a lil fluffy tail keychain for my phone, and ya boi had to anthropomorphise the little fella <3

a set of commissions done for my friend bones of its fursona, bagworm!

𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐠𝐮𝐭𝐬

my first finished artwork in csp!

a proper ref of my creaturesona!!

a lil guy inspired by the murals of rauru in the totk trailer <3

made this a couple months after meeting my uni friends :]

left: me | middle: aro (he/him) | right: ainsley (he/they)

inspired by the song of the same name by cats millionare

another one i'm still really really proud of!! i don't really like how the leaves came out but like,, it's not bad!! plus it's pretty close to the reference i was working with lmao

i was really inspired to make this after going on a hike to the rainbow falls in rockhampton. i don't go hiking very often, but seeing the city from a distance like that was super cool!!! the city you can see in the distance was actually directly referenced from a photo i took while on the hike!

a redraw of an old lockscreen i made back in 2020 i think? or early 2021 perhaps. either way i still really love how the newer one came out :D

my favourite mote from i think the second season of splatoon 3?? idk it's been a while, i miss it :[

my favourite lil guys!! based on two really fluffy keychains i have, they're literally my favourite texture :3333
ace is the purple one and toto is the blue one

the original concept of my creaturesona!! not much has changed since then except my artstyle lmao
my choice in the fur colours was specifically to match the creaturegender flag!! :]

inspired by insects by oingo boingo :]

jeremy is effectively the amalgamation of my half-life hyperfixation, and these were the profile images i used for the wiki page i made to compile all the info i could of him for easy sharing :]
i'm still super proud of what i did with anticharm and i hope to come back to it someday. i've actually recently come back to an old wip of a poster idea i had, so maybe that day will come sooner than i thought :D

the hyperfixation begins >:3

a doodle of my villainsona for a small thing with friends :D his name is harpy, he's the sidekick of one of the major villains of the city, hera, and he's sick of just being a sidekick

i don't fully remember what the original one was supposed to be but it had smth to the with weirdcore lmao

a bit of fanart i made to cope with ofmd i believe ;w;

my most recent fan oc for bbc ghosts!! his name is simon and he was part of operation lena before being killed under suspicion of being a german spy

littol fantasy life guy <3

my first dive into isometric designs, based on a room i made in acnh!!

i was very excited when ranboo came out, and made this as soon as i heard about it lol

i specifically made this as a shading test to use on my commission sheet, and despite how much i've improved with my shading over the years, i still think this piece is kinda cute!!

my main fursona, mello :3
he usually just wears a rainbow turtleneck but i did a lot of various experiments with drawing outfits and used him as my model uwu

i was testing out a couple new artstyles around this time, i think a still carry quite a few aspects of this style in my current one

celebrating my first day on testosterone!!!

my simpage knows no bounds,,

some pinterest-inspired art i made to celebrate my 17th birthday!

my psychonauts 2 oc bee!! the funny is they specialize in time bubble :3

i didn't do one of these in 2019 bc i honestly didn't plan for this to be a running thing until somewhere between this one and the next one lmao

thus begins the minty angel series!! i didn't plan this at the time, but ever since 2020 i've been redrawing this piece at the start of each year to see how i've progressed with my art :]